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For over six decades, the Legion of Good Will (LBV) creates and fosters programs and projects of social inclusion and sustainable development in support of populations in situation of personal and social risk. Consolidating itself as one of the largest humanitarian movements on the planet, the LBV was the first civil society organization from Brazil to obtain the general consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Today, there are seven autonomous basis of the LBV: LBV-Argentina, LBV-Bolivia, LBV-Brasil, LBV-USA, LBV-Paraguay, LBV-Portugal and LBV-Uruguay. Together, these units—schools, homes, and community centers for social assistance—form a network that helps thousands of children, teenagers, young people, adults, and senior citizens  on a daily basis.

The LBV was founded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on January 1, 1950 (World Peace Day) by radio broadcaster and poet Alziro Zarur (1914-1979). When journalist, radio broadcaster, and writer José de Paiva Netto succeeded Zarur as president of the organization in 1979, he expanded the educational and humanitarian mission of the LBV by opening model schools and community centers for social assistance. In these units, the organization applies its own pedagogical proposal, comprised of the Pedagogy of Affection and the Ecumenical Citizen Pedagogy. For this reason, the Legion of Good Will is considered a reference in Education with Ecumenical Spirituality.

This innovative proposal seeks to transform individuals’ social circumstances by helping them overcome various vulnerabilities, whilst promoting their full citizenship and instilling the sense of being agents of solidarity. For this purpose, the LBV works in partnership with  diverse sectors of society, such as governments, socially and environmentally responsible companies, international entities, schools, community associations, and other civil society organizations.

The success of the organization’s work relies on the generosity of people like you, whose support over the years has proven indispensable to the ongoing delivery of humanitarian services. Your support is critical to perpetuate our mission of peace, love, and goodwill. During the year 2014 in Brazil, the Legion of Good Will reached the annual mark of 11, 881, 419 services and benefits provided to low income populations from North to South and East to West. The LBV has had its general balance sheet audited by Walter Heuer (External Independent Auditors) for over two decades, by initiative of its President Paiva Netto, long before the Brazilian legislation required this measure to come into effect.

Our Mission 

To promote Social and Sustainable Development, Education, Culture, Art, and Sports with Ecumenical Spirituality, so there may be Socio-environmental Awareness, Food, Security, Health, and Work for everyone, in the awakening of the Planetary Citizen.